Joker - The Killing Joke

This is a personal project.
The workflow was basicaly the same except the face texturing, I used projection from photos and completed it in Mari.
I sculpted a blocking it in Zbrush from a basemesh and projected alphas from XYZ for details. There is no rigg on him, just a blendshape for the other expression.
Rendered in maya/Vray. The hair was made with Ornatrix and global texturing in Substance Painter. I used Marvelous for the clothing including the hat.
The main objective was to represent the Joker from Allan Moore's "The Killing Joke" comic book as a rbelievable character without denature the original design. It was very challenging to make him more disturbing/creepy/mad and not ridiculous. I used a lot of references from particular actor faces to make his expression credible. . It is not perfect but I am happy with it.

I hope you will like it !

Duc phil nguyen 016 1080p
Duc phil nguyen joker angle 01b

first expression

Duc phil nguyen joker angle 01a

second expression

Duc phil nguyen joker shader

Skin Shader and details

Duc phil nguyen joker 02
Duc phil nguyen joker 03
Duc phil nguyen joker 04