JK Simmons as James Gordon

This is a personal project I made. The goal was to try a fast workflow using less softwares as possible. Only Zbrush for sculpting, details and hand painting the textures, Photoshop to calibrate the textures, Maya/V-ray for rendering and Ornatrix for hair. I used AlSurface from Vray as skin shader.
I used the alphas from Texturing XYZ directly in Zbrush. I know it is limited in definition and microsurface but I am ok with the result. At first it was only a test ^^'
I finally made a quick facial rigg and make him a better face for the presentation.

I hope you like it guys !

Cheers !

Participant of CGTrader Awards (https://www.cgtrader.com)

Duc phil nguyen 008

Final Image

Duc phil nguyen 007

facial rig done and expression.

Duc phil nguyen 006

Hair result

Duc phil nguyen 004

displacement map and skin shader tests

Duc phil nguyen 001 002 003

breakdowns from Zbrush