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Liam Neeson - I will find you ....

Hi guys !

Here is my finished Liam Neeson piece. As I mentionned in my Akuma's post, I had begun him before being diverted by my Akuma's project.

I finally finished it and made a pose with adding some wounds and slightly some blood flow, just to make him a bit more interesting than a simple T-pose.

I began by sculpting on a base mesh from Make human. I added the details directly in zbrush with the alphas from Texturing XYZ and made the texturing by projection on Mari. The hair was made with Ornatrix. The clothes was made in Marvelous Designer, the gun modeled in Maya and all them textured in Substance Painter. And the final result is rendered in Maya / Vray.

Hope you will like it !

Cheers !

(Update : After reading a some feebacks in the comments I added a light source emitting from the phone. Thank you for your feedbacks, I still have a lot of progress to make, especially in lighting !)