God of War (PS4) TV commercial - Kratos

I'm proud having been part of this project at Unit Image ! I've worked on the HD version of Kratos, whole Modeling, Sculpting, texturing and look dev. It was a great team effort, I had great support from Florian Malchow in grooming hair and fur and from Florent Duport on some props texturing and shading.

We've started from the game assets made by Sony Santa Monica and the great Rafael Grassetti (omagaaad) ! My job was to sublimate an already awesom job and make it a cinematic/VFX ready character, using TexturingXYZ for adding details on skin and Ornatrix for the hair.

I hope I will put some breakdown if I had the permission some day !

Hope you enjoy it, I can't wait the release day of this game !

Duc phil nguyen preview 00878

in detail


Duc phil nguyen kratos 002jpg
Duc phil nguyen krato again
Duc phil nguyen 03
Duc phil nguyen 04
Duc phil nguyen 05
Duc phil nguyen 01

God of War – Full TV Commercial | PS4