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Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Nomad

Hi !

I'm proud of having been part of this trailer made by Unit Image for Ubisoft.

I was in charge of making the main character Nomad in all aspects and all the states (modeling, sculpting, grooming, texturing, lookdev). He was very stuffed so I had some precious help from my buddy Nicolas Polyte in the modeling of the backpack and the versipack and Laura Guerreiro for the tears on the t-shirt and the snow with houdini.

The character were also used by Two Dots for making the key arts.
The final result was a huge and awesome team work.
I hope you enjoyed it !

Cheers !

PS: I would like to post some more images from the process but I need a permission. I would add them later if I have it one day.

visual made by Ubisoft

visual made by Ubisoft