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Digital Art Conference Frankfurt

General / 17 September 2018

Hey dudes and dudettes !

The program of the Digital Art Conference Frankfurt is online.

I'll be speaking on saturday afternoon at 2 pm (time zone CEST), it may have a livestream.

I'm going to s*** my pants right now.

cheers !

Lunchtime sculpting exercise

General / 28 August 2018

Hey folks !

Here is a wip of what I am doing during my free time after lunch. Some bunches of 30 minutes from to there. It's a sculpt based on the amazing Final Fantasy VIII fan art of Francis Tneh wich represent the Diabolos summoning :

This is actually a very early stage.  I spent something like 3 - 4 hours on it. My main goal is to make something quicker than I usually do and being a bit more productive (it's haaaaard). A concept with no special topology for animation and with different subjects. At the end I would like to make a quick texturing in Substance Painter, and a quick lighting and rendering scene with Redshift instead of Vray.

here is the original artwork


General / 28 August 2018

Hi people ! 

I just anounce I added some lookdev images in my older posts to see a bit more in detail my work on Akuma and Callum (beyond good and evil 2).

I will very soon post some wip images of a side lunch time work I do when I have a bit time. It is just a speed concept sculpt. I will try to make a quick lighting and rendering in the future. It's a bit different than I use to post.

Stay tuned !

Cheers !

Digital Art Conference _ Frankfurt-Germany

General / 07 August 2018

Hey people !

As a reminder, I will be present at the Digital Art Conference at Frankfurt-Germany from 5 to 7 of october as speaker. I will talk about my global workflow and other cool things in making characters but mainly for meeting and drinking beers with other artists ! It will be awesome and funny !

I hope to see some of you there and don't forget to get your tickets on the website ==>

Cheers !

a question about 3DTotal Excellence Award

General / 13 June 2018

Hey guys ! 

I post this question here because I just don't know where else I could do it.

I had submitted my last work to 3Dtotal and they awarded me by email with a "special 3DTotal Excellence Award" and invited me to put a virtual sticker on my images.

My question is : is it useful ? I mean is that a pledge or garantee of quality for professional puposes ? Should I put it on my image or not ? 

Here is the responsible of my question :

Thanks for your answers !

I love you all !

Liam Neeson - WIP

General / 04 June 2018

Hey people,

I've decided to post my works in progress in my blog section in order to not  feed my portfolio. I prefer to keep it for only finished works and to keep "clean".

So here is the one wich I'm working on between two other projects I would not show for now, waiting for an "official" anouncement. He is already on an advanced step but as a reminder, I begun this one before my Akuma and used him for making it ;)

I've decided to finish this guy once for all =) 

Now I currently working on a pose and a simple facial expression just to make it more interesting than a simple T pose. 

I will add later some more images about the different steps of sculpting, modeling, texturing and shading of his props and hair.